Talex GPS Speed Camera Detector
  • BTST / Talex Laser Detector
  • BTST / Talex Laser Detector
  • BTST / Talex Laser Detector
Name: Chris Crowhurst

Review: I have owned both the Talex and BTST for a few years now and would highly recommend them both. I now have a clean licence. Great product at a great price. Keep up the good work Adam.
Name: matt

Review: very nice product
Name: John Bell

Review: Traveled from Lincoln to London and back last week and the new Talex worked perfectly, especially with all those nasties at the bottom of the A1 and A41. Came back up the M1 and did notice the variable speed cameras were reported as stand alone units. Apart from that small glitch, I'm very happy with the equipment.

NOTE FROM ADMIN: John, we are aware of this bug and are working with Wikango to fix it.

Name: Bob

Review: The new Talex is much easier to position which makes it easier to see and select the buttons when needed for alerts. happy up to now although not many users around me.

NOTE FROM ADMIN: Thanks Bob, the record for the number of users reported within 12 miles is currently 14. It depends very much where you are in the UK and at what time you are driving.

Name: Tim Barley

Review: i have only used the Wikango for the last 5 days but it is accurate and great to use.
Name: Joshua

Review: Hi Adam A second great product from your expanding range. I figure it must pay for itself by just s stopping one speeding fine and points. I believe points now stay on your licence for an extra year and the insurance companies are asking "in the last 5 years have you ever....." so its a no brainer really. Worked straight out of the box - nice size and good looking - and it works.
Name: Tony Raper

Review: I've used the Talex for three years and now I'm using the max and it's fantastic and you can warning the other max users automatically for other cameras and road works and the database is automatically up dated, thanks for Adam for updating for the Wikango Max.
Name: Alan

Review: I upgraded to Wikango Max which I think is a better product in so much as it has live camera positions as opposed to a device picking up a signal. It also doesn't appear so far to have any false alarms ie pinging unnecessarily. Bliss!!
Name: Dave Barnes

Review: I have owned both the Talex and the BTST for many years now, and bought the new Talex as I thought it would be a combination of both of the previous speed warning devices which in essence it is, I have used the new Talex since its arrival and I am very pleased with the purchase, but.... does seem to give false readings for average speed cameras, ie when none are around. Some alerts are not given verbally and just flash red, but this could be me not using the Talex properly, overall I am very happy with the new Talex, and in the coming months I will get more used to it and the other minor niggles I have with it will I am sure disappear and help me keep my clean licence!! well done Adam keep up the good work.

NOTE FROM ADMIN: Thanks for the feedback Dave. We are aware of the SPECS bug and it's being fixed as we speak. Regarding the voice alerts, you can choose which types of camera you want to be verbally alerted to in the menu. Just click the navigation button to the right to access the menus.

Name: John

Review: One excellent piece of kit. This is the ultimate item for being on the road. No false alarms, and clear concise verbals from the on board girl. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Get one quick before they sell out.
Name: David R

Review: An impressive device and much more sophisticated than my old Talex which I have been using for many years. Setting the Warning Distance on Automatic produces a few odd results and usually gives a warning too early leaving you wondering which road the camera will be on. I have decided a User setting of 25 seconds produces the best balance although you sometimes get the warning repeated 3 times including when you reach the camera and I am always closer than 25 seconds before the first warning. This is actually useful as 25 seconds would be much too far away. I'm not sure how useful what appeared to be a road works warning was, 29 miles away. It would be difficult to work out what to do about it and whether I would be on that road! It would be useful to be able to set the Overspeed beep so it sounded at a given number of mphs over the speed limit. Without that it beeps too often - when 1mph over for example. It is turned off. The day/night mode setting is very good. If it could have incorporated a light sensor, like my car has, that would be great. My main complaint would be that the display should be for left hand drive, not right hand. Surely the image file, which I assume is what is used, could be a GB version, not French. Is there a software upgrade going to be released? I was initially baffled as to where the Owner's Manual was on the website when I received the Wikango, but it is now there.

NOTE FROM ADMIN: Thanks for your suggestions David! We will be taking your suggestions in to account for upcoming firmware updates.

Name: Andrew

Review: It refused to connect at first but an email quickly sorted that out. Not many other users here in suffolk yet but always fun to see someone else pop up in the area. And looking forward to longer journeys over christmas to really test it and try reporting new dangers. What's impressive are the speed in connects, the options like auto power off. Not sure yet what green, yellow, red flash is around speed, presume could be showing green driving. But mostly see red there. And was kindly sent full manual as not on website yet but presume not up there as quite a few translation errors still. Would be nice to have developed website perhaps with forum for users as i can feel a sense of a community warning and supporting each other coming on here!

Review: Only had the Talex for about 1 week but so far have been impressed. Particularly like the fact it displays your running average speed through the average speed areas. It gives plenty of warning of all types of trap
Name: Steve

Review: Hi Adam and team. Very impressed with the new wikango,Love the technology although it takes me a while to work it all out as Im'e getting older, I have noticed that it sometimes (twice actually) does not seem to realize that I have left the A2 and am half way to the Dartford tunnel before it changes in the corner of the screen but overall I am really impressed. Keep up the exellent work. Regards Steve
Name: Andrew

Review: Having owned both the Talex and the BTST for some years, the Wikango Max is an elegant upgrade, being far easier to understand its warning. Also, no longer requiring regular updating makes it even less hassle to use!
Name: Rob T

Review: A long term user of Talex from the very early days, initially sceptical over this device but pleased I made the purchase. Overall a very good improvement The screen presentation and visual alerting is very attention getting I particularly like the big pop up camera symbols in red; speed limit symbol and count down slider to the camera. I have mine mounted on the top of the steering column which gives a good field of view in my peripheral vision to alerts. The power up on start is good,and GPS lock is always quick as is the data connection. A neat well thought out unit, smaller than I was expecting about the size of a very small pocket digital camera or a pack of cards but a bit thicker. The user interface is easy and simple to navigate and the reporting buttons on the top couldn't be simpler, it even remembers your position as you press them, you can then make the report in your own time as you drive along afterwards. My gripes are these : (Please don't let them put you off purchasing ... they are a small part of the overall very good experience). I echo the comments on night vision and auto dimming : Its a shame the unit only allows the user to set a time for 'night' to dim and change to night mode - An inbuilt sensor or a database of sunset times to automatically do it would be far better. I now leave mine on permanent night mode and have purchased a mobile phone 'privacy film' to lower the brightness below its set level of 20% which is too bright for night driving. (I leave mine permanently on night driving mode : I prefer the black and white normal driving screen, you still get the colour camera alerts though : A nice feature would be for the unit to 'sleep' until an alert is active : Maybe a future firmware update please?). The audio overspeed alert is a 'bong bong' sound : I prefer the Talex 'too fast slow down' aural alert. Maybe Wikango can modify this, it can 'talk' the speed camera type etc so why not an overspeed alert option? In fairness after using the device a few times I have trained my brain to react to the overspeed bong, but my wish list is for a voice on of these.
Name: Dave G

Review: wonderful piece of kit. Bright, colourful, easy to use and easy to set up. Replaces all your old BTST / Talex items so you have one on-board piece of kit to keep you safe from the money making cameras called speed traps. In 2009 I reached 18 points on my licence and picked up a 6 month ban. Thanks to Talex and now Wikango I have been point free ever since
Name: Joe Burke

Review: Only used a couple of times yet,but all is good and accurate.Looking forward to mastering it.If it saves one ticket in the post ..great device.its worth every penny.
Name: John O'Connor

Review: Adam, So far used the MAX for 3 days and I have faced no problems. I get alerts on the periphery of the road works and then only when I pass the first camera. Following on from my old Talex this far better;the alarms are so much better and the volume has been greatly improved. Sheffield and surrounding 'A' roads and Motorways have lots of works going on and I am having no problems as yet. Just a little disconcerting about the car being on the wrong side of the road but so far no other problems.
Name: John Fitzgerald

Review: A most impressive device which works very well and is simple to set up. My main issue is that the display is set up for right hand drive which is a bit disconcerting but I am sure that is easily fixable. The day/night display is excellent and it boots up and finds satellites quickly. The only other problem is poor adhesive on the base of the mag-mount but that is easily solved with hook and loop fasteners. All in all it does exactly what it says on the tin!
Name: Chris P

Review: Excellent device, which I have only been using for a few days. I have yet to find the User Manual on the website. I agree with David R on the Overspeed beep. I have been a Talex user for a number of years and feel that this one should surpass the old Talex.
Name: Chris B

Review: Upgraded from my ancient Sonic Box.. once I realised that Adam had already registered it and I didn't need to wade through the French Wikango registration site all was well. it hasn;t missed anything yet although it's too easy to knock the top buttons and send in erroneous reports. I'd be interested to know how many of these are happening. Still getting used to it but am already impressed with it.
Name: John P

Review: Is a very good unit. The only problem I se with it is the speed output is very slow. My old talex had a start speed of around 4mph but this unit is at least double that at 8 or 9 mph. I drove round the M25 the other day and I noted that all but a few of the cameras were not mentioned so I would suggest an update is required to register the other cameras on the maotorways
Name: Peter Horsfall

Review: Like the product but is slower at responding to a change of car speeds than the old Talex and I am finding it loses the satellite connection for great distances, but am making allowance's now so will get used to this.Thanks Adam for you and your staff's past efforts and am looking forward to maintaining our relations in the future.
Name: Martin.K.

Review: I have only used the Talex for the last week.I was surprised to find some cameras missing and the ones on the A500 as still there but they have long gone from road works. Other than that the Talex is neater and easier to use..would recommend this to anyone..
Name: Colin T

Review: Having used the Talex for several years it seemed sensible to upgrade to the Max,still getting used it although its easy to set up and seems to be working a treat,great piece of kit.More in the community the better for all of us.
Name: Ken Annan

Review: The new Wikango Max went into action almost as soon as I took it out of the box. On a test run, it showed me four users in a 12 mile zone which was fantastic considering I had only received it the previous day. I have used the ‘old’ Talex and was previously warned about some known Police hotspots in my area, but the ‘new’ Max is eerily silent about those sites. Is it an oversight that they do not appear on the Talex database anymore? Also, it feels weird to see yourself driving on the right hand side of the road when the road is recognised. Could they improve the option to select the side of the road where you drive and let the little cars be seen to be moving on the screen? Otherwise, the device does what it says on the label. Keep up the good work.
Name: Thomas Dryburgh

Review: Good piece of kit easy to use with plenty warning given to camera locations. The only downside so far, the only roads it seems to recognise is motorways therefore operates in zone mode most of the time.
Name: Joe Burke

Review: works for me,still enjoying getting my head round it.Love the auto updates,great value for money.
Name: Bob C

Review: I am not finding the Max as user friendly as the previous Talex products that I have owned. It is probably me as I am a bit of a plug in and go merchant and this one requires some setting up to achieve the desired output. I have managed to download the full manual (in English) so I am working through the various permutations available. I am sure it is going to be a very useful accessory once I have mastered what it can do!
Name: Bill H

Review: Getting used to the Wikango. There seems a bit of discrepancy if you use the old Talex side by side. I agree David R's comments re the overspeed but have set mine to 75mph only and that has got rid of the annoyance a lot.
Name: Richard Guilcher

Review: I too, have had the btst and the talex system and both have been worth every penny. The new wikango max is a step forward in technology and as such has yet to prove it is as good as the previous systems. Looking good so far.
Name: Nicholas di Mambro

Review: Max works well but I keep receiving warnings for SPECS cameras which been removed some weeks ago and were present when roadworks were in operation. Wouldn't be without it,though. N.
Name: Barry

Review: I have used the Talex for many years and the database was brilliant as was the unit. Now on the Wikango and it is very easy to use and provides good warnings. I am not sure if it uses the same database as fromj a short terst it appears that the talex identifies more potential camera locations (i.e ones declared by the police) than the Wikango. That said seeing the number of other users around you and knowing that he database is updated as you drive and by reference to other users is great. Recommend the Wikango as agreat product.
Name: John Newstead

Review: I bought my first Talex after getting 3 points from a roadside camera (my first in 40 years) and then being invited on a driver training course after passing another roadside camera. The Talex has served me well since and is always on in the car. I have now upgraded to the new Max Wikango and this is very a sophisticated piece of kit and a logical development of the old Talex, with the live upgrade facility. I too had a problem finding the owner manual on site and the brief instructions enclosed in the box are not as complete as they could be. Having now set up my new Talex and selected the various options, I am very impressed. The live update buttons are very sensitive, especially if the unit hasn't powered down at the end of a journey and I also feel that these buttons should be aligned for UK driving directions instead of continental ones and I would have preferred a volume control to have been fitted, as on the old Talex. In all though, a very good development of the original tales, which takes speed alerts to a new level.
Name: paul

Review: having been a customer of talex for many years all units have worked great the wikango is the flagship doing what it says on the tin and ive just purchased the laser as a top up a snip at £79 (offer) be quick if you want one. keep up the good work and support thanks
Name: Bob Wills

Review: I've used the Talex for four years and now I'm using the Max. It is a much improved device and the ability to report warnings to other max users and the automatic updating of the database is brilliant.
Name: Jim G

Review: Upgraded from the Talex to the Max and although only used once (on local roads)it does look to be a better unit all round, one issue I have found is that the top two buttons are quite sensitive (especially for someone with banana fingers) but already noted to keep the fingers out of the way. Screen is very clear. Will be driving to Scotland soon so will gauge it against the Talex then. A further review will follow this journey
Name: John Hamer

Review: Love the product but have a couple of problems. First I wish the road display was the correct way round for us crazy Brits. Also I wish it could be mounted in other ways. My old Talex sat nicely on my sun visor but this one can only be mounted from the bottom and my dashboard is not flat. Otherwise another great Talex product.

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